A work of God


I left another forum because the Catholics on the other channel continued to censor my articles and finally kicked me out of there little psudo-Catholic group. But I am a convert to Catholicism, after over 35 years as a Protestant. This new Catholic Church has gone crazy liberal. But they are all in denial, and I have been forced into attending a small Latin Mass Chapel.

Anyway, I will get to the point about salvation. It truly is a work of God, and as we stumble around in this dark world we must remember that He initiates the grace that causes us to believe. We then are able to cooperate with his grace by faith. This relationship is very mysterious, and misunderstood as to how our free will and His election work. But I like to rest in God’s sovereignty and know that He is in control, not I.

I too believe in a covenant relationship with God, but it does not always happen in a conversion moment. Evangelicals seem to put too much emphasis on the born again experience, but in covenant theology it comes down to a lifetime formation over possibly years of walking with God– sometimes in a blind trust. So, while I do believe Baptism is a requirement for salvation, (not withstanding some exceptions) I also see a sacramental emphases by some Catholics which is not scriptural or traditional. An example would be when scripture says:

“Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.”(John 3:5)

This gives us understanding of two components in salvation; the outward sign and the inward grace. They both must be present for our salvation to be genuine.

This will be a group of traditional minded persons who respect other points of view, but stand and uphold the true Catholic faith.

To God be the glory!

Please Pray

“Please pray for all those who still believe and love the Catholic Faith but who are deceived by the New Order [novus ordo] imposed by the Modernists during and after the Second Vatican Council. Many conservative followers of the New Order are shocked and horrified by the blatant paganism embraced and adopted by Francis and his Modernist bishops at the recent Amazonian Synod at the Vatican. They are also at a loss to explain how “the pope” and “the Church” could approve such sacrilege, blasphemy, heresy and apostasy. But the New Order pontiffs and their Modernist henchmen have regularly engaged in the pagan occult for the past 50 years in the name of ecumenism and multiculturalism. Pray that those who still hold the Faith may escape from the Babylonian Captivity of the New Order, and may come to profess the traditional Catholic Faith and to practice the traditional Catholic religion in its entirety and its integrity. “(https://www.wcbohio.com/writings/fr-jenkins/please-pray)